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Grace's 6 Month Update

I can not believe Grace is 6/7 months already, I know it's cliche to say but time really has flown by in the blink of an eye.
One thing that is confusing me is the fact that Grace is 28 weeks old, a week older every Friday, so that is equal to 7 months, right? She was born on the 15th, so that would mean that on the 15th of every month she is 1 month older, hence she is 6 months?
Anyway, I'm just rambling.....Grace is growing up so much, I have really noticed it in the past few weeks.
She can finally sit up, unaided! I could tell for a while she was getting to the point where she was going to be able to do it on her own.
The look of frustration on her face when she would fall over was just heartbreaking, but she finally cracked it, and she couldn't be happier, and I couldn't be prouder.
Another amazing thing is that we have started giving her finger food this week, nothing too much. She has tried a rusk, much of which ended up on the carpet, sofa, me and her self, and she's also tried, and loved, the Organix Carrot Sticks. They are easy for her to pick up and they do actually taste quite nice, the perks of weaning you have to try the food first, right?
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, I think I have, but Grace really does not like tummy time, I mean she used to scream the house down. However lately she seems to finally understand that it isn't a tortuous, evil thing that mummy makes her do, it's a fun thing. Well for around 5 minutes, then it becomes an escape attempt, by that I mean trying (and failing) to roll over onto her back.
She still can't seem to get the hang of rolling fully over. She gets so far, basically on her belly but her arm kinda gets trapped and she can't move any further, so mummy or daddy has to come to the rescue.

What else.....?
I have noticed she is starting to favour toys, for instance she has a particular liking for anything that crinkles. At the minute that is the packet of baby wipes. As soon as they are anywhere within her reach she's got them! Although she did fall out with them for about 2 minutes when she accidentally poked her self in the eye. She was fine, but was not very happy with the wipes.

Anyway enough rambling, Grace is off in the land of nod, and I intended to be there very soon.

Laura x

P.S. The photos of Grace are so funny, she pulls this face whenever we put a camera in her face.


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