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Bebe Style Deluxe 3-in-1 Highchair

As you all know, we started weaning Grace over a month ago now and we hadn't been using a highchair, until now.
For any first time mum, finding the right products for your little one is a very daunting task, and buying a highchair was no exception. After many hours of research we finally settled on one, the Bebe Style Deluxe 3-in1 Highchair from Amazon, link here. It came really quick, and I just couldn't wait to rip the box open and put it together.
Highchairs, in my opinion, can look a bit out of place, bulky and just all round an eyesore, but this one just seems too fit in well. Here it is in the highchair position,
This is the position we use when we feed Grace at the table, it fits perfectly, and she is the perfect height to feel involved at meal times. The position I've been using a lot recently is this one, It's the junior chair position, and I love feeding Grace with the highchair this low. Grace loves sitting in the highchair and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse whe…

Grace's First Night In Her Own Room.

As I told you all recently, Grace moved into her own bedroom last night, and my gosh did she surprise us!

Her usual bedtime routine is:

Daddy takes her upstairs at 7pm,
mummy changes her nappy,
daddy gives her her last bottle,
and she gets popped into her moses basket, and off she drifts too sleep, until the next morning!

So we continued this same routine, and it worked brilliantly. She went straight too sleep! I was absolutely surprised when Mark came downstairs at 7:15pm, and said she was completely out of it!

We checked on her several times throughout the night, and some how she had managed to wriggle her little self out from the tightly tucked in covers, and do a complete 90 degree turn!

How she managed this is beyond me. The covers were still tucked in neatly, but she was in the middle of the cotbed, verticle. I wasn't too worried as she was still sound asleep, and looked really comfy, the only think that worried me was that she would get cold. So we just had too keep putting her …