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Grace Is Moving Out.

Grace is going to be 6 months on Friday, (where has the time gone?) and that means that she will be spending this weekend in her own room! :(
I really don't want my little baby to leave my bedside, but she's growing up, and to be honest I can't wait to redecorate our bedroom, more on that another time. I went with my mum yesterday to pick up Grace's new mattress, and it just looks too big. She is going to have so much room to wriggle about.
So like I said, this weekend, while daddy is here for support, she will spend the night in her own cot, and her own room. I'm sure I will be checking her more often than I already do throughout the night.

We will update once Grace has moved out. :(

Laura x

Sensory Toys

I was browsing the many pages of Amazon earlier, and I came across a bunch of sensory type toys for Gracie.  We have been trying to get her to do more tummy time, but she really does not like it, and I have been looking for some toys to make it a little more interesting.  After searching for a while, I settled on 2 wooden maracas, mainly for me, a bouncy flashing ball, and the Bright Stars Shake & Spin activity balls.  Lately Grace has been showing an interest in her daddy's xbox controller. It lights up and she absolutely loves it, however it isn't ideal that it is covered in baby drool every time daddy goes to play. So I can not wait for the bouncy flashy ball to get here, I think she's going to love it. At the minute we are just trying as many different things as we can to try and help her enjoy tummy time.
Laura x 

Weaning with Grace.

We started weaning G last week, and my god does she love real food. She is only 5 months old, but she was showing all the right signs that she was ready for the real deal.  We started her off on Organix baby rice, just for lunch, which she was so interested in, for the first few days, but I could tell she wanted something abit more exciting. So we tried her with Organix strawberry & banana porridge, and she loved it! She could not get enough of it. Now we are in the second week, she is having food for breakfast & lunch. We have introduced fruit purée. She loves the Ella's Kitchen banana purée & the apple purée.  For now she's content with what we are giving her, but soon I'm sure she will be ready for some more interesting flavours! I can't wait. I'm a little too excited about giving her real food!
Here is a lovely pic of Grace eating her porridge this afternoon. 
She's too cute
Laura x

Christmas With The Bell's

I absolutely love Christmas.
It is by far my favourite holiday of the year, and this year (last year) was a very, VERY, special one, because our beautiful little girl Grace was here. 

Our Christmas Day began with little Gracie waking us up with her usual giggles and smiles. We then went downstairs to see if Santa had been. He had! And Grace had been well and truly spoilt rotten. We managed to get this picture of her just at the right time.

How happy does she look?
We opened Gracie's presents (as much as I wanted her to open them herself, it just was not happening, wrapping paper in her mouth!)
During the present opening my grandma came to visit, with more presents for Grace. Many cuddles later, me, Mark & Grace popped to see my dad and my many sisters and brother, and again little G was spoilt with cuddles & presents, although I'm not complaining, Grace was loving all the attention, and I was loving the mini break from motherhood! 
A 2 minute drive later and we arrived at Ma…